Dec 22, 2019

Are Used Security Cameras Safe for Your Home?

The discounted price for used security cameras has significantly affected its demand. That is why some homeowners prefer to buy them from people who no longer want the gear in their homes.

However, no matter the price point, the disadvantages of buying used security cameras for your home or business location far outweighs its merits. Whether it is commercial-grade or consumer-grade security cameras, you might be faced with following challenges.

Compromised Security

You may never know the level of access that was granted to the former owner of the cameras. The seller may be spying on your home without your knowledge and that implies that the security of your property have been compromised. If the seller is a bad guy, he will take advantage of the footages from the camera to determine the defects of your security system and probably launch an attack. This therefore contradicts the purpose of having security cameras in your home.

Therefore, it's never a good idea for home or business owners to buy used security cameras. However, if you think it's the best option, then you should contact an expert locksmith from Top Atlanta Locksmith for professional guidance. Our locksmiths are trained to evaluate both new and old security cameras and to deactivate or grant surveillance access to the right owners. With our expertise, strangers or former owners of your security camera cannot have access to the surveillance footage of your home or business location.

No Product Warranties or Returns

Choosing to purchase used security cameras online means that you’re letting go of the product warranty or trial period agreement. You will definitely be at loss for refusing to use or abandoning the product due to its inefficiency. 

There should be a trial period or safety net for electronics or electrical gadgets but when it comes to used security cameras purchased online, you will not enjoy such benefits. In case the security camera suddenly stop working, you will have no option than to call for repairs.

The Possibility of Buying A Damaged Security Camera is Higher

One of the drawbacks of getting used security cameras online is that you will be at the mercy of the original owner. If the seller is not sincere, he/she can package damaged products and ship to your doorstep. Be aware that some online sellers are professionals in using photo-editing software. So, do not be surprised when the used product comes to our doorstep looking less than stellar.

Then, if you purchased the product with PayPal or other payment processors, the only option will be to file your claims at their online dispute resolution center but unfortunately, the refunds are not guaranteed.

Image Quality of the Camera May Be Low

Forget the promises of the online seller and be prepared to experience poor picture quality or images that may appear grainy or blurry. Whether it is wired or wireless security cameras, you are likely to face image quality problems. Though you can go for upgrades if the resolution of the camera is too low (not good image quality) or the Wi-Fi signal is too weak, but that will be out-of-budget expenses.

When you want to buy a security camera, the most affordable and effective course of action is to get recommendations from experts from Top Atlanta Locksmith. We will guild you all through the process to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

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