Jan 16, 2019

Best Aftermarket Window Locks

The security of most homes may be compromised because of the installation of weak window locks, and unfortunately, this critical aspect of home security is underestimated. However, statistics show that more than 30% of burglaries or home invasion is done through the windows.

This goes to prove a point that the windows are the weakest point of entry when they are not adequately protected. Therefore, apart from fortifying the main entry doors to a building, it is recommended that homeowners and business managers should endeavor to boost their security through the installation of Aftermarket Window Locks. 

Interestingly, in this article, we have expert suggestions from Top Atlanta Locksmith on ways to outsmart the intruders and other window security solutions. But firstly, you should have a clear understanding of:

Why you need the installation of window locks?

If you’re still using the built-in clasps or dowels to fasten your windows – we have a piece of bad news for you! Your home could be vulnerable to burglars and intruders,

It is effortless for burglars to force open windows that are locked with the standard latches because that invention is outdated. What you need is the installation of secondary aftermath window locks by professionals from Top Atlanta Locksmith.

Are you wondering if there are DIY options for the installation of aftermath window locks?

Yes, you can conveniently follow the installation instruction in your aftermarket window lock product to do the installation. But remember that to upgrade the security of your home, the locks need to be installed in all the windows and you may not have the time for such a tedious activity.

That is why its penitent to call professionals to handle the installation for optimal efficiency. In addition to using aftermarket locks to improve the security of your home or office location, we suggest you consider other window security measures:

Always keep the windows locked

Though this might seem easy, some people are careless about locking up their windows before going out in the morning. It’s quite understandable that you have a tight schedule or you run late to work, but such lackadaisical attitude to home security should not be a consistent occurrence.

Somebody may take advantage of that and quickly get into your apartment and make away with your valuable belongings

Install security bars and grilles

Window bars and grilles have been proven to help secure homes from break-ins and activities of intruders. However, they may ruin the beauty of your windows, but you can get absolutely beautiful window bars at higher prices.

Lastly, you could secure your windows by the installation of security cameras that are not pricy.

We have provided these suggestions to help you outsmart the intruders but do not forget to call Top Atlanta Locksmith for the installation of aftermath window locks because it is the first step to reinforcing the security of your home.

Give Top Atlanta Locksmith a call to discuss the current situation of your home security and to determine the type of aftermarket window locks that will be suited for your needs. We are standing by, ready and dedicated to offer you affordable and satisfactory services.

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