Jan 13, 2020

Best Front Door Security Devices for 2020

The recent home break-in statistics has made front door security improvement a necessity for every homeowner. Because your front door is the first line of defense when it comes to home security, it is now more important than ever to improve your door security to keep out uninvited guests and to ensure that your home and living space is safe at all times. Therefore, you need to invest in front door security gadgets that will help add extra security to your home.

Here are some front door security devices and considerations that will help strengthen the security of your home and give you peace of mind.

Upgrade Your Front Door Locks to Achieve Efficiency

It is a fact that front door security begins with your locks since it is the first point of call for most break-ins. However, you need to find out how secure your locks are before considering other improvements. You can call experts at Top Atlanta Locksmith for home security evaluation. We have certified and insured locksmith that will identify lop holes in your security system and suggest improvements for better results. 

Install Door Security Bars

Increasing security across the entire width of the door should be the aim of every homeowner that wants to limit access to strangers. Door security bars helps to protect the lock over its entire width on both the lock and hinge side, giving you the rest of mind that forceful entry to your home can be minimized.

The door security bars is placed in the middle of your door to make it easier for adjustment and to provide optimal protection against break-in attempts. Security bars is an obvious and important consideration that will do a decent job of protecting your front door as well as an added barrier against burglars. If you do not know how this works or the process of installing the door security bars, call experts at Top Atlanta Locksmith

Use Security Screens to Minimize Access To Your Home

As criminals are not relenting in their quest to improve their skills in theft, it is therefore important that homeowners takes the security of their homes to the next level.

It enables you to get the door opened without placing yourself at risk to any awaiting harm. It is much better than using a peephole since it is more likely to discourage covert entry. If your concern is to strengthen the security of your front door this year or you want to do more to resist destructive entry, then using security screens may be the solution.

Prevent Break-Ins This Year with the Installation of Digital Door Locks

If you want convenience in addition to advanced security for your home, then consider the installation of digital door locks. These types of locks come with numerous advantages such as syncing with Bluetooth and using digital keys to grant access to family and friends when you are not available. You can control entrance remotely and can get alerts to your mobile devise whenever someone attempts to lock or unlock your door.  

As we are in the beginning of the year, this is the right time to upgrade the security of your home to keep your loved ones and valuables safe. Call experts at Top Atlanta Locksmith to help strengthen your door security

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