Oct 10, 2018

Best Places to Install Surveillance Cameras and Sensors in Your Home

Surveillance cameras and Sensors have become essential components of home security systems and if these sensors and cameras are properly installed, they can help in bolstering the security of the home. You can contact Top Atlanta Locksmith if you are unsure of what type of surveillance cameras and sensors to install in your home or office. 

Reasons why surveillance cameras and sensors placement are important 

There are a number of reasons why surveillance cameras and sensors must be strategically placed to enhance your home’s security. 

Strategically placing your surveillance cameras and sensors will help maximize the effectiveness of your surveillance and monitoring activities. Where your cameras are placed and how they are placed will determine their effectiveness. They must be installed at an appropriate height (not too high and not too low). An ideal focus range is important when installing surveillance cameras. 

Choosing the ideal placement can help the homeowner in achieving obscurity and visibility at the same time. The surveillance cameras must be visible to you as the homeowner, hence they must be placed in a position that will give you vantage accessibility. 

Consideration for the placement of surveillance cameras and sensors

You need to understand the need to place your security cameras and sensors properly in order to achieve the best results. The first consideration you should make is to ensure that your security cameras do have sufficient room for clarity. Secondly, you need to allow the sensors some ample space in detecting happenings around your home. You need to understand how the sensors communicate with each other before deciding where they are placed. You may place the sensors on auxiliary access points where they can work more effectively with other surveillance equipment. 

The most suitable locations to place surveillance cameras in your home

The perimeter of your home is one of the most suitable places to position your surveillance cameras. The perimeter usually comprises gates, the fence along with some spaces in the front yard and driveway. The perimeter and gate security provide an enhanced vantage position to monitor everything happening outside of the home. You need to choose cameras that are more suitable for the exterior. 

The main Ingress points to your home can also be the most ideal place to position your surveillance cameras and sensors. The ingress points to your home are those points that serve as access points. These are areas that witness higher foot traffic and they may be the first points for attacks. Since ingress points are points where access to your home can be very easy, it is advisable to have some surveillance cameras and sensors installed here. 

The auxiliary access points are also good places to install surveillance cameras. Auxiliary access points are quite similar to the ingress points because they provide access in some way and must be kept secure. The side doors and windows around the home are examples of auxiliary areas.

The garages and driveways also require some surveillance cameras and sensors because they can act as secondary access points to your home. Contact Top Atlanta Locksmith for installation of surveillance cameras and sensors in the right places to secure your home. 

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