May 18, 2019

Best Places to Install Surveillance Cameras

The installation of deadbolts and other smart security locks can deter burglars from breaking into your home. However, every homeowner needs to install security surveillance cameras to take their security to the next level because cameras should have a place in the grand framework of your homes security system.

With security surveillance cameras installed by professional locksmith from Top Atlanta Locksmith, vandals and burglars can keep their distance and your valuables will be safer. You will have the peace of mind that anything that got missing at any time could be traced.

No matter the type or model of security cameras you’ve got, the location it is placed could determine its usefulness and effectiveness. Unfortunately, homeowners find it difficult to identify the right position to install the cameras.

First off, we need to consider the two most important factors that will give you reliable results:


The aim of surveillance camera system installation is for it to capture clear and concise footages. Though they are passive security measures meant to improve the system, you must consider the focal range of any camera that you want to install.

The camera should be installed where it will have enough room to rotate and capture the needed footage.


When it comes to protecting important data, networks, software, and information, the confidentiality of the security camera should be considered. However, if the purpose is to protect against property theft and vandalism, the camera should not be hidden. This is because vandals will not break into your house when they know that their activities are recorded.

Here are some expert suggestions about the perfect places to install your surveillance cameras for optimum efficiency.

The front door is the most preferred place for the installation of the cameras

It is on record that about 34% of burglars enter through the front door. Therefore, that is our top pick of the locations you must install the cameras.

Install the cameras at the back door

The second vital location to install the security camera is at your back door. Going by available statistics, about 22% of home break-ins were done through the back door. Though the cameras should be public, but you should ensure that it is adequately protected.

Install the camera at auxiliary access points to your home

Apart from the main ingress points of your home, the security cameras should be installed at the auxiliary entry points to your home like the staircase, hallways, and windows. This will serve as a great addition to any home security and beat burglars at their own game.

Install inside your yard, garage, and driveway

Pointing a security camera at your garage and driveway is a smart move towards safeguarding valuable items like tools, grills, sports equipment, and bikes. Furthermore, the garage is also an entryway to your home and should be monitored through a camera.

Monitoring the yard is an additional way of keeping tabs on activities of intruders, kids, and pets.

However, as we encourage the installation of security surveillance cameras in your home, you should be careful in placing it at locations that will violate your neighbor's privacy. Call experts at Top Atlanta Locksmith when you need to install surveillance cameras both in your residential and commercial property.

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