Feb 1, 2019

Best Safest Door Locks

Some deadbolts have been tested by technicians against picking, kick-in, and drilling and also putting it in mind that most criminals who try to enter the home come through the front door. Everyone needs good deadbolt in order to ward off intruders. The following are the top safest door locks available right now and if you think about upgrading, please contact Top Atlanta Locksmith. 

The Medeco Maxum 11 *603

This door lock is regarded as the top above the rest. It comes with a hardened cylinder, so tough that it wouldn’t succumb to drilling even after 15 minutes. This time is a huge deterrent and most thieves would have abandoned such tasks. This is one of the few locks that come with long screws. Please contact Top Atlanta Locksmith if you want this. 

The Kwikset 980 

It is the top choice for the budget-conscious buyers Despite the lower price, the lock could not be picked, and it comes with long screws. The strike plate of this lock secures the piece efficiently to the framing which also helps it guard against kick-ins. You can contact Top Atlanta Locksmith for this anti-picking door lock. 

The Baldwin Prestige 

Very similar to Kwikset in performance, this lock has long screws ideal for the strike plate and that makes it effective against the kick-in tests. This lock is very strong and can’t be picked and it is plated in brass material and also comes in a heavier gauge key. The brass plate makes this lock one of the strongest options you can consider. 

The August Smart Lock AUG-HK

Many locks were designed to replace the deadbolt and others are designed to replace only the interior region of the lock. This smart lock is more than a lock, it is fortified with so many features which include the Geo-fencing feature. The smartphone can be locked and unlocked with your smartphone and you can even share the keys electronically. The lock creates a log that tracks each moment your lock is accessed. This smart lock can work with third-party apps such as the Apple HomeKit /Siri, Google Assistance, ad Amazon Alexa.

The Schlage Sense Smart BE479CEN619

This is the ideal option when you are looking for a smart lock with a keypad. It is designed with the replacement of the entire deadbolt with keypad hence you can input codes instead of using a key. From your smartphone, it is easier to manage your access codes. In the numerous tests conducted, this smart lock was able to resist kick-ins and picking. Just like the August Smart Lock, this lock works with Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistance and you can contact Top Atlanta Locksmith to get one.

Contact Top Atlanta Locksmith for your locks

It is one thing to have the top smart lock in your home but it is a different matter to install them properly, this is the reason why you need a reliable locksmith who can choose the right lock and install it in the proper way. Please contact Top Atlanta Locksmith today!

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