Mar 3, 2017

Business Security Door Lock Installation in Atlanta

Most small business owners have put a lot of time, effort and money into creating their companies. Whether you’re a mom and pop retail store or own several large locations with a few hundred employees, you still know how important it is to keep your assets protected from theft. While large scale break ins can be noticed right away and possibly reimbursed through insurance, some forms of theft can go unchecked for months before it’s discovered. That’s why it's important to have a variety of security measures in place that will keep your cash and valuable assets away from the hands of criminals. Today’s safe manufacturers have found ways to integrate the latest technology in their products so you can add an extra layer of protection for your stores and warehouses. Here’s a few different types of high tech safes that small business owners might consider investing in.

Depository Safes

If you own a business that handles a lot of cash throughout the day, you might consider getting a depository safe. While a register and cash box can sometimes suffice for micro businesses or self-managed storefronts, once you expand past one or two employees, it can be difficult to assure that your cash is handled properly. For instance, imagine you notice that your cash deposit doesn’t match the sales receipts. If you have ten employees, there’s no way to find out who may have been responsible for the discrepancy. A high-tech depository safe like the Cash Wizard by American Security allows your employees to make drop deposits so you’ll know where any issues are coming from. Quality depository safes also often come with extra features like biometric or electronic lock systems, counterfeit testing and bill organizing. 

Lock Boxes

Many small businesses start out making their deposits by filling their zippered bank pouches with hundreds or thousands of dollars in cash and coins. It can make running errands very stressful knowing you’ve got that kind of money sitting in your dashboard. Also, carrying cash around in this way can be extremely dangerous. Bank bags are easy to recognize, and if criminals see it in your purse or sitting in the passenger seat of your car, they may rob you at gun point to get it. Thankfully, there’s a solution. Many safe manufacturers also make high security lock boxes, perfectly sized for bank deposits. Some companies like Vaultek specialize in compact safes that will keep your valuables safe while on the go.

Traditional Safe

Are you looking for something to house your valuables in a simpler way? Traditional safes are getting major upgrades. From electronic keypads, luxury interiors and fingerprint verification, todays conventional safes have become much more interesting. A popular option for business and home owners alike is the new Barska Biometric Safes. These are affordable and come with excellent security features. 

High Security Doors

Do you have a large inventory of valuable products or file cabinets full of sensitive data? Many businesses easily outgrow a small vault or safe and need to protect entire rooms and offices from outside intruders. Turn any office, warehouse or room into a giant safe with help from high security locks and vault room doors. For those looking for an affordable, easily installed option, the Barska Biometric and RFID Security Door Lock may be a great choice. You can program it to security ID’s with RFID chips or fingerprint recognition. Still, even with the best locks, a determined enough burglar can still get through the door with the right tools or amount of force. If you want to go the extra mile, you might consider Fort Knox Vault Room Doors. These have a great design and are much more affordable than bank vaults. And of course, if money is no object and you want the ultimate in luxury and security, you can invest in the Monument Vault Door by Brown Safe. This rounded vault door is beautifully designed to replicate 19th century bank vaults, and will turn any area into an extravagant panic room or impenetrable fortress. 

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