Aug 18, 2017

How Can Businesses Avoid Internal Theft

Every year, an estimated $50 billion is stolen from US businesses. While that may be a distressing statistic, the most disturbing aspect of this fact is that this amount wasn’t taken by customers or burglars, but by employees. As a business owner or manager, it isn’t always easy to keep internal theft at bay. Many staff members steal small amounts of money or retail products for years before anyone finds out. Most men and women are very subtle, and it can be difficult to pinpoint the source of your missing revenue. At Top Atlanta Locksmith, we help businesses in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Stone Mountain and other Metro area communities keep their assets safe from thieves of all varieties. If you’re concerned that your company is vulnerable to internal theft, here are a few tips for preventing the issue. Locksmith Dunwoody

Conduct Thorough Background Checks Before Hiring Employees

The first step is to make sure you conduct thorough background checks on all new hires. Don’t stop at criminal history either. There are a great many thieves who haven’t been caught or charged for their crimes. Make sure you call former employers listed on their resume or application. You may also consider getting credit reports as well. This triple combination will allow you to see an overall pattern of behavior and alert you to any red flags. 

Protect Any Cash or Valuables with a Safe

If you work in a restaurant or retail location where there is a lot of cash handling involved in daily operations, make sure you set up a quality system. Use software programs that monitor cash exchanges and POS systems where staff must sign in with an ID to use a cash register. Keep a minimum amount of cash in the registers, and require cash drops regularly that are stored in a safe. If you have any items or products that are valuable, you may consider limiting access and storing any extra inventory in a safe rather than keeping out in the open. 

Install Monitoring Devices Throughout the Building

Install high quality security cameras in all locations where an employee or customer might be tempted to take cash or products from your business. Simply having cameras in place isn’t enough if your staff thinks no one is looking. Make sure they know that managers, owners and security personnel regularly review all video footage. 

Consider Using Biometric or RFID Enabled Lock Systems 

If your business is housed in a large building, you might consider designating any valuable inventory, large cash deposits and sensitive data in a separate office that only certain high level employees can access. This will give you greater key control and narrow down potential violators for companies with a large staff.

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