Feb 14, 2019

Common Door Locks Problems

We all want the best protection for our homes, especially with the approach of the summer season that calls for long vacations. Security has become more important than ever especially with the sharp increase of cases of intruders break into homes. Once in a while, keys can get stuck, and lock mechanisms can even get clogged, it is important to have the contact of a certified locksmith to fix these lock problems no matter how simple such problems can seem. Top Atlanta Locksmith offers 100% reliable solutions to all common and uncommon door lock problems;

Stuck key problems

Stuck keys occur mostly when the wrong key is inserted into a lock. This issue may also occur with new keys. Though a stuck key can be removed by spraying some lubricant in the keyhole it is not always. If the use of lubricants doesn’t work to remove stuck key out of a lock, please contact a certified, and licensed locksmith, so that you wouldn’t end up damaging your lock. 

Frozen lock problems

Frozen locks normally occur during those harsh winter seasons when frozen water enters the lock mechanism, causing the doorknob to be too tight and difficult to open. You should consider applying some heat to melt the frozen ice, but take note that excess heat can cause permanent damage to the lock system. You may want to contact a professional locksmith who can apply just the right amount of heat to melt the ice or make use of a more effective method to resolve the issue.

Problems associated with loose locks

A lock can become loose as it ages, and in a situation like loose locks, you can make use of hairpins to unlock the door. In order to prevent the compromise of your home, simply contact a professional locksmith to repair the issue. 

Issues associated with the clogged mechanism

Sometimes the lock mechanism can trap some dirt within, and cause the lock to seize occasionally or permanently. In this case, you need to take some time out to clean out the lock mechanism from inside, especially with a clean, damp cloth. In case this solution doesn’t work, then you have to contact a professional locksmith. Top Atlanta Locksmith offers professional locksmith technicians who can remove clogs from lock mechanism in order to make them work as efficiently as they use to.

Top Atlanta Locksmith offers 100% reliable residential locksmith service 

Aside from the most prominent lock problems highlighted above, there are several other issues that can affect your door lock and cause it to seize operating. It is important that you schedule a maintenance service for your lock, regardless of the weather season you are experiencing. You should talk to a certified locksmith ahead of the winter season for suggestions on ways to prevent frozen lock problems. Top Atlanta Locksmith has remained at the forefront of door lock servicing for years and we are pleased to inform you that we are opened 24/7 for lock repairs, installation, and replacements. Please give us a call today and we will be right there!

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