Jul 17, 2018

Difference Between Rekeying and Replacing Your Locks

Many people often wonder if there is a difference between replacing locks and rekeying. The main difference is that replacing your locks means you are getting an entirely brand-new lock, therefore, the entire body of the lock will be completely different. Secondly, replacing a lock is costlier than rekeying, but soliciting the services of Top Atlanta Locksmith remains cost-effective. Despite being costlier than rekeying, replacing your lock has its own numerous benefits. 

Rekeying or replacing your locks- which one is most suitable for your needs? 

The main benefit of rekeying your locks is that it is cost-effective, the pins inside the lock cylinders on the keys are usually changed. This change is inexpensive compared to getting an entire new lockset. Rekeying is particularly suitable for homeowners who want to perform some upgrades on their security locks without spending much. 

The second benefit of rekeying is that it is quite easy and fast especially when it is handled by a professional locksmith like Top Atlanta Locksmith. The locksmith may require tools such as the key decoder, catch tool, and spanner, in order to handle the rekeying process effectively. Do not make any attempt to rekey your lock by yourself even if you are a professional in doing such. Rekeying your lock will increase your sense of security because the key control will be reset, hence no other key can access the lock- this is ideal when you just moved into a new house. The main issue with rekeying is that it comes with limited security upgrades, hence it may not be as effective as a key replacement. Top Atlanta Locksmith can inspect your lock and provide a better, viable rekeying service to strengthen your lock, effectively and reliably. 

The benefits of replacing you’re your locks 

Replacing locks offers more upgrade opportunities and that is why it is considered to be better than rekeying. Rekeying, for instance, will not allow you to change the deadbolt on the lock from grade 2 to 1, whereas you can change the deadbolt in locks through lock replacement and you can even upgrade to a smart lock option through lock replacement. 

The ability to customize your lock is another benefit you should consider when comparing lock rekeying with lock replacement. With customization, you can easily change the way your lock feels and look, especially when you allow a professional locksmith from Top Atlanta Locksmith, to handle the key replacement services. customizing your lock can also change the way the lock works or function alongside other components, and you can even install longer screws on your lock and even put additional security pins- all these customization options make lock replacement more desirable for businesses and homes that are susceptible to the frequent break-in. 

Contact Top Atlanta Locksmith for your lock rekeying and lock replacement today!

Do not see rekeying or lock replacement as a costly procedure, see it as an investment to secure your valuable lives and properties. Contact Top Atlanta Locksmith for a reliable and 100% guaranteed rekeying and lock replacement services. 

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