Apr 25, 2019

Don’t Ignore these Door Lock Issues

As a homeowner or commercial property manager, door lock problems are issues you need to deal with at one point or the other. This is because door locks are not designed to work forever; they are affected by wear and tear due to a long time of usage.

Some door lock problems may crop up as a result of the wrong installation, and if you don’t take actions as soon as possible, the security of your home or office might be compromised by intruders.

Do not wait until it is too late before you could call professionals at Top Atlanta Locksmith to evaluate the health of your security system and to offer door lock repair, to rekey or new installation services. One of the most distinguishing features of our company is that our locksmiths are experienced and trained to go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you’re 100% satisfied.

Do not delay to take action when you notice any of the door lock problems explained below because doing so will make the security of your home vulnerable and open to attack.

Misaligned door locks or strike plates

This is a severe door lock problem and should be fixed as soon as possible by calling local locksmiths at Top Atlanta Locksmith. 

If you find it difficult locking up your door or getting it into the right position, then the problem may be misaligned door latch. Your door locks and strike plates must have shifted out of place for this to happen but worry-less, our experts will get it fixed.

Lose door handles and knobs

After an extended period of use, some parts of most door locks loosen up especially the exterior door that is the ingress and egress points of the house.

However, such door lock problems are rampant, and homeowners seem to neglect them. Doing so is at your detriment because, within a short time, you may experience a house or office lockout.

Faulty mechanism can cause the loose of some components of your door and this may lead to the key becoming difficult to turn.

Let a professional tighten any loose component of your locks to enable you identify other potential problems.

Broken key in a lock

Breaking a key in your lock can be the most frustrating problem you will experience as a homeowner. It becomes worse when you want to extract the keys by yourself because you could end up damaging other components of the lock.

When your key is broken inside the lock, it leaves chunks of metal inside the lock and should be handled by a professional. We have specialized equipment to deal with such problems, and in case you do not have a spare key, we will extract the key from your lock and also cut new keys for you.

Jammed locks or latches

Your locks could jam because of multiple reasons, but top among the list is a buildup of debris that blocks the internal mechanism. Addition broken lock bolt and friction could be other reasons that will make your locks to jam.

The reality is once you experience a lock jam; that lock will not function properly until the problem is identified and fixed by a professional.

Do not say you have other pressing things to attain to while your locks are showing signs of problems because burglars could take advantage of that and break into your house.

Call experts at Top Atlanta Locksmith for lock repair or new installation and you will avoid jeopardizing your security.

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