Guide To Better Garage Door Lock Replacement
Sep 29, 2021

Guide To Better Garage Door Lock Replacement

Your garage door acts as another layer of security to your home, and it probably is your main way to enter and exit your home. There are various ways to lock your garage door, and depending on the age of your garage door or your current circumstance, changing your garage door lock may be a good idea. Whether your garage door is old and needs a replacement or you recently experienced a break-in, you can always call Top Atlanta Locksmith for helping with garage door lock replacement.

When it comes to replacing your garage door lock, you need to know more than just what kind of lock you had. You need to determine what kind of garage door you have, what kind of lock you currently have, and what kind of lock you want to replace it with, and if that type of lock is suitable for your garage door. If you need help determining if it’s time for a garage door lock replacement and what the different kinds of locks there are, keep reading!

What Causes You to Replace Your Garage Door Lock?

There are many reasons you would need to change the lock on your garage door. Depending on your situation, that may change what kind of lock you decide to move forward with. Here are the most common causes for you to replace your garage door lock:

1.  Access

As the garage door industry continues to develop, so does the way we lock our garage doors. If you have an older garage door and your lock breaks or gets damaged, it may be time to upgrade to a garage door that automatically locks or locks with a passcode. To determine if your garage door needs an upgrade and ab new way to access it, call Top Atlanta Locksmith today.

2.  Damage

The most common reason you would need to replace your garage door lock is that your current one experienced some sort of damage. Whether it be from the weather conditions, years of wear and tear, or maybe an attempted break-in, damage is the #1 cause of garage door lock replacement.

3.  Security

Your garage is one of the places you store valuable things like your car, your lawnmower, toolbox, etc. You can improve the security of those valuable items by replacing your old lock with something new and innovative.

The 3 Most Common Garage Door Lock Types

1.  T-Handle

This is probably the most common type of lock you’ve seen. It has a handle on both sides so you can lock and unlock the garage door from either side. Replacing these is easy, but we always recommend calling Top Atlanta Locksmith for help!

2.  Rim Lock

Rim locks have a lock cylinder that you can see from the outside of the garage, and the lock’s body is on the inside. This is a good option if you want to avoid drilling extra holes in your garage door.

3.  Padlock

This kind of lock is very simple – you put your padlock through the proper space, lock it, and you hold a key to the lock. These are also easy to replace and a super reliable way to lock your garage door.

Are you looking for a garage door lock replacement? Do you need a emergency locksmith to help with your garage door lock? Are you having trouble with your garage door lock and it’s finally time for an upgrade? Call the Top Atlanta Locksmith team to learn more and schedule your appointment today!

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