Mar 1, 2017

Home Security Lock Installation in Atlanta

An empty house is just four walls with a few essential appliances and fixtures. It’s your loved ones and prized possessions that makes it a home for you and your family. To protect the assets and people you hold most dear, it’s important that your home’s security will deter any criminals from invading your space. The experts at Top Atlanta Locksmith have spent years helping Georgia residents upgrade their safety with high security deadbolt and lock installations. Here’s a few reasons why having such tools in place can help keep thieves out of your home.

The Failures of Conventional Deadbolts

Normal deadbolts that come standard with most houses are not very resistant against picking and bumping. In today’s world, where every skill is only one video tutorial away from being acquired, thieves can easily find out how to break into homes with zero signs of forced entry. It is becoming more prevalent for insurance companies to deny claims of loss when there isn’t clear evidence of damage to the locks and doors. They often cite homeowner negligence as a reason for denying compensation. That means that using a standard deadbolt can leave you in potential financial ruin. 

Why High Security Deadbolts Can Improve Your Security

There’s no reason that your future should be determined by a $10 hardware store lock. The average American home is worth over $270,000, and that doesn’t include the furniture, electronics, jewelry and appliances inside. Investing in a high security deadbolt is worth the initial cost, if it means keeping burglars away. Most high security deadbolts on the market are extremely resistant to lock picking, bumping and drilling. Considering that most thieves prefer an easy target, they will likely move on to another house once they see their usual methods aren’t effective. 

Keyless Deadbolts

Advancements in security technology has now brought incredible innovations in the manufacturing of locks and deadbolts on the market today. Keyless entry and electric deadbolts are now much more accessible to the public. These high-tech devices may make homeowner’s lives much easier, but it’s important to keep in mind that your lock system is still only as good as the quality of the deadbolt itself. Don’t be fooled by fancy touchscreen displays, be sure that when you’re investing in smart locks that it will withstand the various techniques criminals use to break into a home. If you’re unsure what kind of lock is best for your family’s needs, a quick phone call to Locksmith Atlanta can help you discover a solution that is perfect for your unique circumstances and budget.  

Is Your Family Ready to Invest in High Security Deadbolts? Call Top Atlanta Locksmith

Are you ready to upgrade your ineffective generic deadbolts for something that will hold up against most home invasion methods? Then call the experienced professionals at Top Atlanta Locksmith today. Our team of highly trained locksmiths will help you find the best deadbolts for your home, and can have them installed in just a single afternoon. Contact our customer care team right away to schedule an appointment.


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