Feb 16, 2017

How Locks and Keys Work

From the tombs of Ancient Egypt, through the middle ages and into the 19th century, locks and keys have been used to protect valuables and loved ones from thieves and criminals. Though almost every home and business in America have several installed in their doors, the mechanisms that make it work are hidden and remain mysterious to many of their users. While advancements in technology has given rise to many new kinds of locking systems, the most common is the pin and tumbler thanks to its low price, ease of use and the ability to quickly rekey the lock without replacing the entire unit. If you’ve ever wondered how those two strange pieces of metal keep your doors shut tight, you’re certainly not alone. Here’s a quick, simplified explanation of how they work. 

How Pin and Tumbler Locks Work

Inside the lock are 5 or 6 cylinder tubes with spring loaded pins of various lengths. The ridges on the metal key push the pins up when inserted into the lock, forcing the pins to line up evenly to create what’s called a shear line. Now that the pins are no longer holding the cylinder in place, it has the freedom to rotate, allowing the door to be opened. Many of the pin and tumbler locks on the market can be rekeyed by a professional locksmith. Rather than change out the entire lock unit, the cylinder is removed, the pins switched out, and a matching set of keys are then handed over to the property owner. This makes pin and tumbler locks very popular with businesses and homeowners alike, especially when they prefer to rotate their keys regularly as an added security measure. Switching out the pins with a rekey service is often much more cost efficient and takes less time than getting a complete lock replacement.  Call Locksmith Atlanta now for any type of rekeying. 

Lock Picking and Bumping Problems

Lock pickers aren’t new, they’ve been around since the beginning of civilization. However, what once was known to only a handful of trained criminals is now openly available to anyone with an internet connection. There are thousands of video tutorials available online that show even the most novice burglars how they can use a handful of cheap tools like bump keys and snap guns to open standard locks. 

Modern Alternatives and Added Security Features

Many manufacturers are combating the rise in lock picking by adding extra security features such as security pins that will cause the lock to become stuck if someone attempts to use a lock picking tool. Some people are also choosing electronic locks or other high security lock systems that make are almost impossible to bump, pick or drill. Though these locks are often a more expensive initial purchase, their durable materials make them long lasting and the added peace of mind is sometimes preferred. 

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