Apr 24, 2019

How to Calculate the ROI of Your Security

Costs can stack up when contemplating what to invest in the security of your home or business. Options such as rekeying a lock can save you money off investing in a new lock but taking such step may reduce returns on security investment. There are many things you need to know if you want to increase ROI of your security, please contact us at Top Atlanta Locksmith about this to request security lock installation services

What is Return on Security (ROI)?

It can be pretty difficult to work out the real return on investment in security. Returns on investment, for instance, may mean, buying a strong lock that is close to being unpickable, even bump keys cannot open such lock. This benefit can be simply regarded as one of the returns on security because the residential lock is unpickable. For this reason, every threat to your home or office, that an investment in security significantly reduced, is a return on Investment in security. If a security device is not providing a high degree of protection and satisfaction that you require of it, then you are not maximizing returns on such investment. 

How Much You Should Invest in Security

There is nothing like 100% security, and that means you may end up spending more on security, indefinitely. It is therefore important that you understand the minimal level of security that will help you achieve your goals and objectives, and it is not as expensive as you would think. 

Do not invest in securities that cost more but offer less protection than many other products. Please contact us at Top Atlanta Locksmith to schedule professional locksmith services in your area, and we will help you make the right choices on security products that will increase your ROI. 

What Does the 10% Rule Mean?

If you are investing in a security device, the rule states that you should not invest less than 10% of the value of what you are protecting, the reason being that you get what you paid for, when it comes to security. 

Though security has a diminishing return at a certain point, it is very important to stick to the 10% rule. This rule helps home and business owners see the reason why it makes no sense trying to cut costs when it comes to security. If for instance, you want to protect a $7000 worth jewelry in your home, it makes a lot of sense buying a $700 worth of safe to protect it. In this case, you want to invest in security a valuable item that will be expensive to replace and that is a high return on investment. 

Invest in Smart Home Security Devices for High ROI 

Home security can be the most difficult to calculate when it comes to ROI. Improving your front door security, adding burglar-proof windows, rekeying and replacing locks, and the inclusion of smart doorbells, video surveillance and smart coded locks will surely strengthen the security of your home and offices and increase ROI. Please contact Top Atlanta Locksmith, if you need security devices that will increase Return on Investment. 

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