Sep 13, 2017

How to Choose a Quality Residential Safe 

Every year in the United States, roughly 2 million homes experience a break in. Most burglaries occur during the day, when no one is at home, and an experienced thief can often be in and out of the house with an armful of valuables in under 10 minutes. Investing in a safe is a great way to deter criminals from taking valuable items or accessing important personal documents. Unfortunately, many consumers pay high prices for safes that are just an expensive metal box. Some safes might be easy to bypass with basic lock picking techniques, or lightweight enough for a burglar to pick up and carry out of the house. So, how can home owners choose the right kind of personal safe? At Top Atlanta Locksmith, we provide professional lock and key services for residents and businesses in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Suwanee, Stone Mountain and other metro area communities. Along the way, we’ve worked extensively with both residential and commercial grade models, and would like to share some advice on how you can get the level of security you need from your new safe. Safe Opening in Atlanta

Make Sure You Have a Good Idea of Which Items the Safe Will Hold

You should know ahead of time which items you would like to include in the safe. Consider what pieces might be better stored in a safety deposit box, such as a collection of gold bars, valuable jewelry or high prized family heirlooms. Will your safe be primarily storing money and important paperwork? Does it need to be big enough to include guns or other large items? Do you want to keep sentimental pieces like family photos, DVD’s, etc.? What about electronic devices like CD’s or flash drives that contain sensitive data? 

Determine the Correct Size

Once you’ve created an inventory list of the items you want your new safe to house, it’s time to take some measurements. Locate everything on your list and collect them in the same location. Don’t skip this step, because you may be surprised at how much space you need. Doing a little prep work in the beginning will ensure that you aren’t disappointed in your purchase a few weeks down the road. 

Does it Protect Against Both Burglaries and Natural Disasters?

Theft prevention is often at the forefront of a homeowner’s mind when searching for the perfect safe. Make sure you are purchasing a model that has been tested against lock picking, drilling and other common methods that burglars use to crack safes. While most commercial grade safes hold their products to high standards, many residential safes are ill equipped to prevent a truly determined thief. It’s also important to consider protecting against natural disasters. One fire or major flood could wreak far more havoc than a burglar ever could. Before making a final decision, check to see if the safe is fire and water resistant. If you will be storing electronics, or items that could melt, choose a unit that won’t exceed 125 degrees. 

Consider Choosing a Safe That Can Be Concealed or Bolted Down

Most house thieves want to get finished with the job as quickly as possible. If your items are out of sight, or extremely difficult to remove, there’s a much higher chance that criminals will ignore the safe entirely and move onto other, less valuable items. Many safe manufacturers make models that can be embedded into the wall, concealed in concrete beneath the floor or bolted down to the ground. While these added features may cost a little extra, it may be well worth the investment if a break in does occur. 

Do You Need Help Protecting Your Personal Assets? Call the Experts at Top Atlanta Locksmith

The team at Top Atlanta Locksmith provides a variety of premium lock and key services. If you need advice on choosing a safe, desire an extra set of keys, need to change or repair your safe’s locks, or have been accidentally locked out, our experts are only one phone call away. We provide 24 hour emergency locksmith services as well, so our customers can rely on our experienced specialists no matter what time it is. Contact our office today to find out more information or to schedule an appointment. 

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