Feb 14, 2019

How to Dial a Safe?

Mechanical safe combination locks have been in use for decades and its' been protecting peoples valuable from intruders and burglars. Nevertheless, over the years, some people have concluded that it as a non-user friendly device because the number of business owners who encounter problems dialing a safe combination is increasing by the day.

However, most safe dialing difficulties come as a result of the inability to follow instructions without misinterpreting or altering them. 

If you strictly follow the steps and tips which we provided in this article, then the dialing problem with your safe will be resolved amicably.

Before we proceed, experts at Top Atlanta Locksmith strongly recommend that you upgrade the locking mechanism of your safe to the electronic. There are different types of electronic or digital lock options which have more security than the traditional mechanical safe opening combination models.

How to successfully dial a safe

We are going to concentrate on the safe combination that has 3 and four numbers respectively. However, the success of this process depends on the safe you’re using, and that also controls the direction. You can go on with the process if you’re working on a safe with a dial and a key lock or invariably, a dial, key lock and handle:

A safe combination with four numbers

  The first step:

You need to clear the dial of any previous attempt by turning the dial anti-clockwise a minimum of 4 turns. While spinning it, you need to stop at the first number of your four-digit combination.

  Second step

Spin the dial to the left and passing the second number twice. On the third turn, you need to stop at the second number.

Third step

You need to pass the third number of your combination by spinning the dial to the right; then you should also stop at the third number.

  Fourth step

To get to the fourth number of your combination, spin the dial to the right and stop at the fourth number of the combination.

Finally, attempt to open the safe.

For the safes with 3 number combination, you should stop at the third step in the above procedure.

Some safes were designed to operate in the opposite direction. Therefore you need to start from the left to clear the dial.

This process may be complex to newbies or those who have forgotten their combination. Therefore, at the beginning of the article, we recommended that business owners should go for safes with electronic dialing capabilities.

Our experts will be glad to help you with the installation of the modern electronic dialing safes. If you are still worried about getting into your safe, why not call an expert locksmith from Top Atlanta Locksmith, we will get the safe opened within the shortest time possible.

At Top Atlanta Locksmith, we have certified, experienced and bonded locksmiths that can handle different kinds of safes with complicated dialing capabilities. Our excellent reputation and a long list of satisfied clients attest to our superior craftsmanship, clear communication, honesty, and integrity. You can rest assured that our locksmiths will give you satisfactory services, so give us a call whenever you have security challenges.

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