Apr 14, 2019

How to Know Home Security Alarm System isn’t Working Properly

Just like any other systems, residential alarm systems are prone to malfunction but many homeowners may not notice this. If you are lucky enough to discover that your residential or commercial alarm systems are faulty, please contact us at Top Atlanta Locksmith for help. 

Dealing with Total System Failure

Total failure of security alarm system may be caused by software issues and sometimes broken hardware may trigger the problem. Conducting a test on the system may be the first step towards correcting the system.  A maintenance test will confirm the functionality of the software. You need to consult the manufacturer of the alarm system to conduct a diagnostic test or simply contact us at Top Atlanta Locksmith services to save time and money. We will surely help you fix the problem. 

Fake Out Alarm System Issues

In a situation where your alarm system is giving you fake sounds or false alarms, there is a wide range of factors that may be responsible. Damage to the circuitry or wiring, for instance, may be responsible, also, the intermittent power supply may also be responsible. In some cases, drained batteries or Human error may also be responsible for false alarms. Corruption of the software may also cause fake alarms from your security alarm systems. Whatever the cause of fake alarms, you can contact us at Top Atlanta Locksmith, and we will attend to the issue in no time. 

False alarms can be destructive in nature, especially in your home and office. The resources spent on attending to emergency alarms should also be a source of concern. You need to ensure that your alarm system software is constantly updated to prevent sending false alarms. 

Continuous beeping noises

When your alarm system is constantly making beeping noises, it is likely due to some maintenance issues. some of the solutions to the problem of continuous beeping noises are; replacement of dead batteries, and sometimes the resetting of the entire home alarm system. You may also have to use a voltmeter to check the wiring of the system for possible damages or corrosion. We do understand at Top Atlanta Locksmith that performing diagnostic steps in resolving continuous beeping system can be hectic, therefore, you should contact us today and we will get the issue fixed for you. 

If none of the steps you take is able to resolve the issue of continuous beeping, the customer care service of Top Atlanta Locksmith will refer you to a technician who will guide you towards troubleshooting the issue, or better still he will come down to your place to troubleshoot and fix the issue.  Continuous beeping can become irritating to everyone in your household and even the neighborhood, it is a problem you should endeavor to resolve in no time. 

Top Atlanta Locksmith has remained at the forefront of supplying and installing genuine security alarm systems in homes and offices, we can help you choose the right alarm system products for your needs. We can also schedule maintenance care for the alarm system. Give us a call today and we will be right there. 

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