Nov 15, 2018

How to Open Your Car and Fix Your Lock

When your car door gets stuck in the lock position, and you are confused about the next step to take, please contact Top Atlanta Locksmith. Searching for the main cause of the problem is important before taking a further step. The right solution will depend on whether the car is locked, and wouldn’t close or whether the car is locked and wouldn’t open. 

Diagnosing why your car door lock gets stuck in lock position

Broken down connections may be the main reason your car door gets stuck in the lock position. A car door getting stuck in the lock position may mean that one or more internal and external components of the lock are not properly connected to the door latch. Repairing the broken connection is perhaps the only way to resolve this issue. It can be hard to handle the replacement parts of the lock by yourself, you need to contact a professional auto locksmith for this. 

The effect of rust, grime, and jamming

Sometimes the internal components of the car door lock can become problematic as a result of buildup of first and grime in the locking mechanism. Some internal broken parts can easily fall and then jam the assembly of the lock or foreign materials may be standing in the keyway. 

In order to resolve this problem, you need to check the keyway especially if you find it difficult to insert your car key into the keyhole. If you are using a key remote and your car door is stuck in the lock position, then something bigger than a blockage might be the reason. Contact Top Atlanta Locksmith technician to handle such issues. 

Structural damages and solutions to the car getting stuck in lock position

The worst thing that could possibly cause your car door to get stuck in the lock position is when the car is involved in an accident. It could even be an aggressive slamming of your door and that could cause the latch of the door not working. In a situation where an accident occurred, the latch of the door may become bent or completely disconnected from the door lock assembly.

In this situation, it is important to get the broken components replaced in order to get the door opened. You will definitely require the assistance of an auto locksmith in order to fix a complex issue like this. 

Getting the car door opened

When a car door gets stuck to the lock position, the door is likely to remain closed, you should try and open the door by all means and that may include the use of a remote key. Do not break the glass of the door, instead, contact Top Atlanta Locksmith for assistance and an auto locksmith technician will be sent to your position. 

There are some cases where you can manipulate internal components like the switch post or switch locks, in order to open the car door, the most important thing to keep in mind is to avoid further complications, contact emergency auto locksmith technician in such a distress. 

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