Oct 6, 2017

Keeping Your Valuables Protected on the Go

When it comes to your home or business, many are willing to go out of their way to ensure their safety and wellbeing. From expensive high security commercial lock systems to premium insurance policies, a lot of people are willing to invest a hefty amount of cash to keep their most valuable assets safe from criminals. Unfortunately, the moment you walk out the door with a bank envelope, take a treasured piece of jewelry to be repaired or carry expensive items from one place to another, you also risk exposing your prized possessions to anyone looking to make a quick buck. At Top Atlanta Locksmith, we work hard to provide premium lock and key services for residents, businesses and drivers in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Stone Mountain, Buckhead and all surrounding metro area communities. We have witnessed the consequences of neglecting security measures when on the go, and want to help you avoid making the same mistakes. Here are a few of the ways you can deter thieves from stealing your precious cargo when you’re on the road. Locksmith Marietta

Never Leave Valuables in Your Vehicle Unattended

Leaving a shiny MacBook Pro or a bank envelope sitting in your passenger seat, will significantly increase the odds of getting robbed. While this may be somewhat obvious, it can be easy to forget when you’re in a hurry to get your to do list finished. A five minute trip inside the convenient store to pay for gas can end up costing a lot more than you anticipated. Some people will mitigate the chances of theft by putting their valuable items in the trunk when they leave their car. Unfortunately, this isn’t the safest approach. While storing your things in the trunk will keep them out of sight, a lot of criminals are aware of this habit. Also, many thieves are less interested in the contents of your car and are more excited about selling your luxury vehicle. While having your car stolen is a huge hassle, it will only be made worse if you also lost a $5,000 cash deposit, your wife’s wedding ring or a company computer. Keep expensive items on your person at all times. It might feel like a burden to carry a purse, briefcase or backpack around everywhere, but avoiding a burglary will make it well worth the effort. 

Invest in a Security Box or Fire Proof Chest

Security boxes are also an excellent way to keep thieves at bay. Most criminals are looking for easy targets. They know there may be hours involved in attempting to open the box, only to be disappointed in the contents. Most burglars will prefer to steal what is out in the open, rather than lose time on a potential loss. In addition to their role as a theft deterrent, certain kinds of security boxes can also protect your assets against other threats. Fires from car accidents and water damage from natural disasters aren’t as uncommon as we would like to think. Getting a high quality, fire and water resistant portable safe will keep your valuables from becoming destroyed in an emergency. 

Install a Quality Alarm and Security System

Make sure that your car has a top of the line security system. The investment is small when compared to the cost of losing your car. Consider going the extra mile and installing a system with added security features like video surveillance and tracking. If your car is ever stolen, it will be much easier to recover your property quickly and provide evidence to prosecute the culprit. 

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