Nov 19, 2017

Keyless Entry Locks in Norcross

As a Norcross, Georgia home or business owner, you probably make protecting your investments and loved ones at the top of your priority list. While many people go out of their way to install expensive security systems, and buy premium insurance plans, they continue using minimum standard locks. Now that the internet has made it affordable and easy for criminals to acquire bump keys, lock picking tools and free tutorials, breaking into a basic pin and tumbler lock is easier than ever before. If you truly want to take the next step toward protecting your valuable assets, it might be time to consider keyless entry lock systems. At Top Atlanta Locksmith in Norcross, we help property owners in Norcross, GA and surrounding metro Atlanta area neighborhoods get the high level of security they want. Keyless entry locks are an excellent way to achieve both quality protection and convenience. Here are just a few reasons why getting a keyless entry lock installation may be the best choice for your family or business. 

Should You Install Keyless Entry Locks in Norcross, Georgia? 

Are you still on the fence about your decision to upgrade to a keyless entry system in Norcross, GA? There are many factors to consider when making your final choice. Thanks to the many advancements in technology, keyless entry locks have come a long way and now offer a range of amazing features. Popular models include basic manual keypads, biometric locks, RFID enabled devices and smart locks that are controlled via mobile app. Regardless of which pathway you take, you’re sure to enjoy the following benefits:

Higher Level of Security – When you have no key hole, burglars will have a much more difficult time bypassing your locks. Bump keys and lock picking tools allow criminals to enter and leave the property without leaving a trace. In many circumstances, they are so successful that it’s hard to prove to authorities and insurance companies that a break in occurred in the first place. Though it’s true that a determined criminal can still break through the door or forcibly damage the keyless lock, most thieves are looking for easy targets. Most burglars will see that you’re well protected and move down the street to a different home or business. 

Better Key Control – Plumbers, maids, electricians, out of town guests and your teenager’s best friend might all need temporary access to your home while you’re still at work. In these circumstances, you’re forced to duplicate your keys and hand over a copy. This practice can leave you vulnerable to theft, as individuals can replicate your key and target your home in the future. Leaving a key under a garden rock or doormat is equally risky. When you have a keyless entry lock system, you can provide a one-time code that allows others into your house, and then change it afterward. In addition, smart locks are capable of remote access, so you can open the lock from your office chair without giving a passcode at all. 

No More Rekeying Services – Many home and business owners prefer to schedule an annual lock change or rekey service as an extra precaution. These fees can add up over time, particularly for a commercial office building or landlord. When you have a keyless entry system, changes are quick and easy. If you feel your security has been compromised, simply change the passcode, or in the case of biometric and RFID systems, remove a specific person from the system entirely.

Avoid Emergency Lockouts – Do you have a problem with frequently misplacing your keys? It can be frustrating to deal with last minute lockouts. A keyless entry system requires no key at all, so there’s never anything to lose. The code is memorized and unless the device malfunctions, you’ll never have to worry about getting into your office or home. Biometric locks make this process even more simple.

Are You Ready to Make the Switch to Keyless Entry Locks? Call Top Atlanta Locksmith 

Is it time to upgrade your locks to a keyless entry system? Contact the office at Top Atlanta Locksmith today. Our team of specialists will be happy to answer your questions and can also schedule a convenient appointment for your next keyless entry lock installation in Norcross, GA or a surrounding city. 

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