Sep 6, 2018

Lock Maintenance Service in Atlanta

Most of us ignore the need for lock maintenance in Atlanta until the locks eventually fail. As soon as the lock eventually packs up, the issue of lock repairs become a priority because you want to resume to normal operations as soon as you can. To avoid a lockout situation, you should contact Top Atlanta Locksmith for a reliable, regular lock maintenance in Atlanta service. Some of the lock maintenance in Atlanta services rendered by Top Atlanta Locksmith include the following;

Lubrication service is very important

You need to be pro-active when you notice there is a problem with your lock. For instance, a lock may need lubrication when the key becomes hard to turn, or if the key does not move properly into its place. The lubrication of lock cylinders is very important, hence you should contact Top Atlanta Locksmith

Hinge adjustments are a must

If the hinges move constantly when people come in and out through the door, then you need a lock maintenance before the hinges eventually fail. The hinges are made up of between 6 and 8 head screws and these will loosen over a period of time, causing the hinges to shift. Make sure both frame sides are properly repaired during the lock maintenance service. During the lock maintenance service, the locksmith will ensure that the latch or door bolt will fall into the correct place to ensure that they don’t rub against the frame again. 

Closer adjustment services 

If your door comes with a door closer, it may become slack by opening too quickly after a while. The door closer adjustment performed during lock maintenance will usually focus on the latch speed, swing speed and backcheck. If you reside in a windy area, the lock maintenance technician may adjust the closer to close a bit faster to prevent certain damages. Contact a reputable Atlanta lock maintenance technician for this purpose. In case you have a door closer in an interior office, you will definitely need an adjustment whereby the door will slow down to prevent injuries to other staffs. 

Other Atlanta lock maintenance tips and ideas to remember 

Atlanta lock maintenance can offer assistance in several other lock maintenance service areas. For instance, if your frame is damaged, then the door may become saggy, but regular Atlanta lock maintenance will check this. You need to pay attention to the rub marks that may occur on the floor, the appearance of visible rub marks on the floor shows that the door is dragging and you need Atlanta lock maintenance as soon as you can.

The crash bars and the exit components must be checked to ensure that they are properly oiled. Similarly, the strike, which is that part that the latch or bolt enters, must be checked and all debris within must be removed. 

It is important that you find a professional locksmith to perform routine lock maintenance service in order to prevent more expensive repairs. Contact Top Atlanta Locksmith for 100% reliable and efficient lock maintenance service that will guaranty long-term results. 

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