May 28, 2017

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Tips for Helping Your Kids Keep Track of Their House Keys

Early school release times, late working hours and lengthy commutes can create scheduling conflicts that are difficult for families to manage. In households across the country, older children are sometimes home for several hours before their parents get off work. Parents often worry that their children may lose their keys and be locked out of the house. Some families choose to leave an emergency key under the doormat or mailbox, but doing so makes your home vulnerable to a break in. At Top Atlanta Locksmith, we’ve helped residents in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Suwanee, Decatur and other Metro Atlanta communities recover from emergency lockout situations. Here’s a few tips to help your kids keep track of their house keys. 

Keep a Key Station Near Your Entry Door 

If your son or daughter puts their keys in random locations, they could get left on the kitchen counter, in a jacket pocket or on their bedroom nightstand. If they forget to put them in their backpack the next day they might end up getting locked out. Start implementing good habits right away by creating a key station. Use hooks or purchase a key organizer and place it on a wall or countertop near the entry way. Practice putting the keys in the proper location the second you walk through the door, and set a good example for your children to do the same. Not only will this help your kids keep their keys where they belong, but the adults will also benefit by avoiding the stress of searching for keys at the last minute. 

Use a Carabiner 

Carabiners are great for storing a set of keys in a way that’s safe and easily accessible. Simply slip one through the keychain ring and store on a strap inside your child’s backpack or purse. Many backpack manufacturers make loops in various locations for this very reason. 

Get High Tech with GPS Trackers and Smart Locks

If you want to take extra precautions, it might be a good idea to invest in a few high-tech devices. GPS trackers are now widely available and affordable. They can be put on a keychain so you can instantly locate your keys when their lost. Some parents also choose to use an extra tracker for their children’s backpacks to quickly find their children if an emergency occurs. Another great option is to install keyless smart locks. These high security locks can be operated remotely from your phone, laptop or tablet. Since there are no keys required, there’s nothing to lose. Kids can use their smartphone app or a parent can open and relock the door without needing to leave work. 

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