Jun 17, 2018

Pros & Cons of Electric & Magnetic Locks

For so many reasons, electromagnetic locks are being deployed in controlling access to commercial and residential properties. Though they are desirable as ideal locks in many situations they do possess their limitations and there are some instances it is not advisable to install such locks.  It is important to note the difference between electric and magnetic locks even though they can be applied in similar situations. The electric lock will normally work on an open electrical circuit, while the magnetic lock will work on the closed circuit. 

What are the pros and cons of Electric locks 

The primary reason why you should consider electric and magnetic locks is that they are much easier to install and highly economical. The electric and magnetic locks can be installed on most aluminum, steel and wooden doors, cabinets or safes, you don’t need any special tool to cut into an aluminum frame to install electric and magnetic locks, but you need an experienced, certified and insured Atlanta locksmith such as those working for Top Atlanta Locksmith, to install electric and magnetic locks.  The electric lock can be operated mechanically through the pressing of a panic button or bar or through an electronic key or a key fob holder. The main benefit here is that electricity locks are more secure than magnetic locks, they remain effective when electricity is off. Exiting an electric door when there is no electricity supply is possible

The main con of the electric door is that it may require more frequent maintenance repairs and replacement when compared to the magnetic lock. 

The Pros and Cons of Magnetic locks

The magnetic lock comprises of an electromagnetic component alongside an armature plate. With the attachment of the electromagnetic to the door frame, as well as the attachment of the armature plate to the door a current will pass through the electromagnet to attract the armature plate, which makes the door securely locked. The magnetic lock is quite easy to install and that is one of its advantages. 

One Cons of the magnetic lock are that it does not work when there are power outages, for this reason, it will require a constant supply of electric current and if there is no supply of electricity, the lock will not work. Secondly, the magnetic lock does not have inter-connecting parts, hence it may not be suitable for situations that require higher security locks. Magnetic locks are inactive once power is lost. 

Top Atlanta Locksmith Offers the most durable and secured electric and magnetic locks 

Security experts suggest that it makes a lot of sense to install both magnetic and electric powered locks. These locks should be installed on the exterior doors, especially those that are normally used for entry and exit. If you need an extra secured lock for internal areas that require higher security, then you must install electric door locks because they are more secure. You need to ensure that you have staffs monitoring these locks just in case there is a shutdown of electricity supply. Contact Top Atlanta Locksmith today for your highly secured locks. 

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