Feb 24, 2017

Rekeying in Atlanta

Your family has just gotten approved for a new home. The boxes are packed, the moving van is parked in the driveway, and everyone in the household is ready to see their new house. The real estate agent has just given you a set of keys and you can’t wait to make the space your own. However, are you sure you know where those keys have been? Who has had access to the same set of keys before you, and is it possible that they there may be multiple copies around your city? While it may not be the first thought in your mind in the exciting first days of the big move, it’s important to consider a rekey service from a professional locksmith. There’s nothing more disappointing than getting your beautiful home set up and decorated with all your favorite electronics, appliances and heirloom furniture, only to have them stolen. Protect your family and your valuables by getting new keys for your loved ones before that first box makes it over your entryway. Rekey Atlanta

What is Rekeying?

Rekeying allows a locksmith to quickly and effectively change your locks without having to switch out the entire unit. By replacing the pins inside the locks, you can have a brand-new set of keys without having to purchase expensive new locks for every door. A well-trained locksmith can rekey an entire home fast, and for a fraction of the cost of getting new locks. 

Take Control Over Your Security

The biggest benefit of rekeying is that you will regain control over who has access to your home. If your house had previous tenants, there’s absolutely no way to know how many duplicate keys may be running around your town. There may have been several people occupying the home before. One of them may have been a landlord who rented the space to college students, with multiple roommates. Someone may have had a large family whose teenagers lent keys to various friends. Even a brand-new home may have had many people with access to keys at one point or another. Plumbers, electricians, contractors, construction workers and real estate agents may have all potentially made a spare key for themselves. When you get a rekey from a reliable company like Top Atlanta Locksmith, only the people you know and trust will have a key to your new home. 

Avoid Insurance Hassles

Many insurance companies will refuse theft claims if there are no signs of forcible entry. If it seems that the intruder could enter the house without damaging the door in any way, they may refuse to pay due to homeowner neglect. While each situation will have a different outcome, it’s best not to leave it up to chance. Getting your home’s locks rekeyed will help you make sure that if someone does break into your home, it’s not because they were given a key. 

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Have you recently purchased a home and want to upgrade your security? Call the experts at Top Atlanta Locksmith. Our team of professional, experienced locksmiths will rekey your locks quickly at a price that fits your budget. Contact us right away to find out how our technicians can help protect your house from invasion. Locksmith Atlanta

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