Nov 28, 2018

Security Doorbell Camera Types

You can now answer the door to your home or office, from anywhere you are with the security doorbell camera. Aside from providing great security for your home, security doorbell cameras can provide convenience and fortunately, Top Atlanta Locksmith offers 100% reliable and certified security doorbell cameras for all types of homes and commercial premises. 

How does the security doorbell camera work? 

A doorbell connected over the internet works by simply providing a live video feed to your smartphone, PC or any other device. This video feed allows you to view the person calling or pressing the bell at your home or office. The doorbell camera device has a two-way audio communication system whereby you can talk to the person at the door directly. This security camera doorbell will make it easier to handle deliveries or any service being conducted by a visitor in your home. 

Popular types and brands of security doorbell camera

Most security doorbell camera products work similarly by wirelessly connecting to your device and giving you the flexibility to communicate and monitor anyone calling at your home. The popular brands of security doorbell camera are; Nest, Ring, Night Owl, SkyBell, August, Remo+, SimpliSafe, and Swann. In most cases, the security doorbell cameras share similar features; They provide remote monitoring and provide video recording (video recording length have limitations). The security doorbell camera is connectable over Wi-Fi internet and some brands will require that you download an app on your smartphone or computer to use such security camera. Most security doorbell camera types are powered by rechargeable batteries. Some brands are powered from a power source. 

The wired and wireless types of security doorbell cameras

Most Wired security doorbell cameras are connected to their power sources; hence they rely solely on constant electricity for power- they do not work when there is a power outage, hence they come with limited convenience. For more convenience, you may want to consider the wireless security doorbell cameras because they can be powered by rechargeable batteries and are not connected through any wire. In most cases, wireless security doorbell cameras cost more than the wired security doorbell cameras. Top Atlanta Locksmith can help you make the right choices regardless of whether you want wired or wireless security doorbell cameras. 

Other considerations to make when choosing security doorbell camera

The way a doorbell camera is connected is one of the most important factors you should consider. The wider the viewing angle of the doorbell camera, the more efficient the camera can pick anyone close to your door. The camera must be strategically placed to ensure a great view. If there will be some complex drilling for the wire of a doorbell camera, then it will make more sense to go for a wireless option that is powered by rechargeable batteries. 

In case you want a security doorbell camera that can be integrated with other components such as door lock, please contact Top Atlanta Locksmith. Similarly, if you are upgrading from an existing security doorbell camera, please contact us and we will be right there to provide professional installation services. 

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