Mar 1, 2018

The Future is Here: Retinal Scanning for Business Security

Is your company still using conventional pin and tumbler locks to protect valuable inventory, hazardous materials, controlled pharmaceuticals or sensitive data, then you might want to consider an alternative. In today’s world, minimum standard locks are vulnerable to criminals who have easy access to lock picking tools and online tutorials. Whether your concerned with break ins or wish to deter instances of internal theft, a biometric lock installation can help you improve your security so you can avoid costly and dangerous mistakes. Retinal scanning and iris scanning are two methods that utilize the unique features of the eye, for an advanced and futuristic approach to your safety and security. At Top Atlanta Locksmith, we provide a variety of residential and commercial services, including lock installations, biometric lock repairs and maintenance services. If you’re looking for a highly trained, experienced Atlanta locksmith who can get the job done right, contact the Top Atlanta office today. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is available now to answer your questions and can also schedule a convenient appointment with reliable locksmiths in Atlanta, Georgia or another surrounding metro area community. 

Retinal Scanning vs Iris Scanning

Both retinal and iris scanning technologies involve the use of unique patterns in the eye as a biometric key for access control. However, retinal scans utilize the pattern of retina capillaries and blood vessels which are as individualistic as fingerprints and remain largely unchanged throughout life. In contrast, iris recognition uses mathematical software to scan the patterns of the iris, which is also highly individualized, even for identical twins. Either method is highly effective, and so your final decision may be based on other factors such as accessibility, cost and your unique company needs. 

What to Consider When Buying Biometric Lock Systems

Advancements in technology have provided a large variety of biometric systems available in today’s marketplace. Therefore, deciding on a single unit can be overwhelming and confusing. Be sure to consider these important variables when choosing which model to install in your building:

  • Manufacturing Quality
  • Adequate Protection from the Elements if Used Outdoors
  • Accuracy and Usability of Software Programs
  • Integrations
  • Backup Battery Power
  • Esthetics and Décor 
  • Budget
  • Alternative Access Options

Get 24 Hour Emergency Assistance from Qualified Locksmiths in Atlanta, GA

In addition to installations, our Atlanta locksmiths also offer 24 hour emergency services for Atlanta area home and business owners. Whether you need lockout assistance, a last-minute repair, or need to replace your system due to damage from an attempted break in, our experts are ready to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are You Ready to Invest in a Biometric Lock Installation? Call Top Atlanta Locksmith 

Is it time for your company to consider an iris or retinal scanning biometric lock installation? Then call Top Atlanta Locksmith today. Our friendly customer care team is ready to discuss your needs one on one and will schedule a time to meet with an experienced Atlanta locksmith who can help find solutions to all your lock and security related problems. Contact our office today to find out more or to book an appointment with our dedicated mobile locksmiths in Atlanta, Georgia. 

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