Feb 28, 2019

The Importance of Home Security Assessments

Having a home security assessment will help you to be sure of what to do in order to protect your home especially in cases of emergencies. Top Atlanta Locksmith offers 100% reliable and comprehensive home security assessment with guaranteed results. 

The Importance of having a home security assessment 

The installation of alarms, deadbolt locks, and video security systems, can enhance the security of homes and offices. It is important that you do not make your home or office vulnerable to invasions and the only want to handle this is to request for a home security assessment. 

Trying to implement security upgrades in your home without a solid assessment and a plan doesn’t make any sense. Perhaps, evaluating the entire security of your home through an assessment will help determine what kind of security features will fully protect your home from invasions. 

What exactly is a home security assessment? 

In order to determine the most vulnerable areas of your home, you need to create a home security checklist, based on security assessments conducted. The security assessment profession will have to check every area of your home, these include the windows, doors, yard, and driveway. 

You need to have a meeting with other occupants in your home for information on recent burglaries in the neighborhood and determine whether there is an exit plan for your family in case an intruder invades your home. You need to have a review of your family’s history of previous thefts of stolen items and have a log of all valuables and determine the best ways to keep them safe. 

The next step is to evaluate your home’s interior. Review the most frequented areas of the home, which include the bathroom, and bedroom where valuable items are being kept. Conduct an evaluation of all hidden spots where you keep valuables and see if those items are safe there. Consider the ideal places to keep documents that are sensitive to heat, fire, and water. Make sure the door hinges are in the interior of your home. Have an inventory of all valuable items and categorize them based on their types. Request for the setup of a home alarm system that cannot be bypassed easily by criminals and can be used easily. 

Assess your home exterior 

Conduct an evaluation of your home’s exterior by checking whether you have enough cameras. Do you have enough light for the backyard? Have you trimmed tree branches and leaves for a better view from your home? Are shrubs located below and at the bottom of your window? Is your home backyard exposed or enclosed against intruders? Is your garage detached or attached? Is the backyard fence securely locked from the inside?

All these questions must be answered during a home security assessment and based on your findings, a professional security locksmith from Top Atlanta Locksmith should be able to recommend the most effective security options to secure your home. Top Atlanta Locksmith is reliable, friendly and highly efficient in providing security upgrades for homes and offices at affordable rates. Please give us a call today!

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