Dec 11, 2018

Things to Look for in a Home Inspection

Millions of home inspections are conducted all across the nation every year but many home inspectors still don’t pay attention to certain things they ought to. The following are some key things to watch out for when carrying out home inspection;

Are there any electrical shocks?

Electrical issues are usually the most notorious problems discovered by home inspectors when inspecting homes. Knob and tube wiring has been linked to the commonest causes of house fires in homes hence you need to replace this before moving in. Burnt lightbulbs must be replaced, so also is the electrical panel, and make sure the new one meets the standards. Consider repainting painted, damaged and broken outlet covers alongside light switch plates. 

Doors and windows conditions

You need to ensure that your windows and doors close and open properly and any cracked, damaged or broken part must be replaced as soon as possible. Locks must be in good order, especially the hardware. Please contact Top Atlanta Locksmith for a thorough inspection of your doors and windows and for necessary door and window repairs. 

Bad water grading and drainage

Water damages can occur as a result of poor water grading and drainage systems. During the inspection, it is important to pay attention to issues such as water penetration in the basement and along the crawl spaces. Mold growth on the walls and the plumbing system must be checked thoroughly during the inspection. 

Are the gutters working properly?

Gutters are often overlooked during home inspections, but they play a critical role in providing adequate drainage. When gutters are not maintained, they will become clogged and lack efficiency, this will eventually trigger mold growth and water intrusion issues. Installing splash blocks to re-direct water run-off and putting drip edge around the edge of your roof to direct the water runs down from the roof into the gutter, is very important. 

Does the home have adequate insulation?

Insulation is very important in maintaining temperatures at home. If a home has older insulation, then it will probably not as efficient as it should be. You need to ensure that your home is energy-efficient, hence you should replace insulators in the attic and the walls. 

Other important things to pay attention unto during home inspection

It is important to know if the roof of the home has not worn out, likewise, it is important to check whether some pests have invaded the home. You need to pay attention to those pesky termites and bugs and they must be addressed as soon as they are spotted in and around the home. 

Ventilation of the home must also be considered during the inspection. Some homeowners normally seal off their homes in the name of making the home more energy efficient. Poor ventilation can cause mold growth, hence there must be adequate air circulation within the home. Heating and cooling systems must also be running smoothly. You need to check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors if they are available, if not you need to make provisions for such. You may want to contact Top Atlanta Locksmith, for your home inspection services. 

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