Jan 31, 2019

3 New Inventions of Advanced Technology Smart Lock

Smart Lock system has evolved over the years and there are lots of inventions being carried out and unleashed to make smart locks even more secure and more efficient. If you are looking for an ideal advance smart lock for your home or office, please do not hesitate to contact Top Atlanta Locksmith Here are the top 3 new inventions of advanced technology smart lock; 

Touch has become the industry standard

One of the coolest inventions in advanced technology smart lock is that fingerprint recognition has become the key to lock and unlock the smart locks. With fingerprint technology, you will get easy access to your smart lock. Tapplock and Tapplock Lite are two smart locks that operate on fingerprint technology. These smart locks don’t need any combination code neither do they need any key to unlock. The fingerprint sensor provides access in a few seconds. In addition to this, the smart lock can also double as a charger for your smartphone, and you can also download the app to grant anyone access to the smart lock. It has an inbuilt alarm to ward off unauthorized access. The Tapplock comes with a battery that can last up to 3 years on a single charge. 

Noke – The wireless Bluetooth with a smartphone-controlled advanced smart lock

Noke is a new technology in the smart lock. It connects wirelessly with the Bluetooth of your smartphone to lock and unlock the smart lock. You can use your smartphone to share your smart lock with other authorized users. With the Noke app on your smartphone, you can authorize others without giving up your key. The smart lock can work with or without a key. You can authorize one-time access on IOS, Android, and Windows. This smart lock is simple in designed and also comes with a water-resistance body. There are no buttons on this smart lock while the battery can be replaced after a year of continuous usage. If your smartphone battery goes off, you can make use of quick-click technology to open the smart device. 

The Noke U-lock for bicycles

This is another innovative lock for bicycles, motorbikes and similar devices. It provides automatic locking and unlocking security for your bicycle and automatically connects with Bluetooth with your secret codes. It also comes with an alarm system. This innovative smart lock is designed to reset itself after every 30 usages and you can automatically give access to some people or remove such access with a punch on your smartphone. If your smartphone dies, simply punch your custom quick click code at the round bottom of this smart lock. The battery of this smart lock is rechargeable from external sources through its USB connectivity.

Contact Top Atlanta Locksmith

Getting access to any of these advanced technology smart locks can be hard, but with Top Atlanta Locksmith, it is very simple. You may want to contact us and let us know your specific needs and our locksmith technician will help you decide the ideal smart lock for you. Give us a call today!

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