Mar 10, 2017

Top 5 High Tech Security Tools for Your Car

Aside from your home, a new vehicle is one of the largest purchases that most families invest in. It makes sense that you should want to protect your assets from thieves. Many people go the extra mile and install surveillance cameras, high security locks and expensive alarm systems for their houses, but fail to do so for their cars. Keep your vehicles safe with help from some of these high-tech tools. Atlanta Locksmith

Mobile DVR

Having a digital video recorder mounted inside your vehicle is an excellent way to identify criminals who attempt to break into your vehicle. If the recording devices remain undetected after a successful carjacking, then the video footage can be viewed remotely and can help police quickly locate the vehicle and apprehend the suspect, while retaining evidence that can be used in court. DVR’s work best when combined with other forms of security tools. 

GPS Tracking 

Many new cars come prepackaged with OnStar, which is useful for a variety of reasons. OnStar can help with navigation, call for help in the event of an emergency, allow hands free access to phone calls and diagnose your vehicle for potential mechanical problems. However, one of the best benefits of OnStar is its Stolen Vehicle Assistance, which uses GPS to track the cars location so it can be found by the authorities before it makes its way to a chop shop. Don’t worry though, if you drive an older vehicle or your new car doesn’t come with OnStar, you can have it installed or purchase a separate GPS tracking device specifically used for theft protection. 

Radio Tracking 

GPS tracking is extremely effective in most cases. However, to work properly, the vehicle will need to access satellites and wi-fi. If your car is stolen and then taken to a remote area, your GPS tracking might not function properly. A great solution is using radio waves to track the vehicle. One of the most popular brands available that utilizes this technology is LoJack. This means that no matter where your car is taken, it will be quickly found and apprehended by local law enforcement. 


While the previously mentioned tools are great for getting your car back, they don’t do a lot to deter criminals from stealing the vehicle to begin with. An immobilizer will make it impossible to start the engine if a theft is detected. Even with a key, or the ability to hot wire, the car will not operate. The system is set up to work with a specific chipped key that’s coded to match the car. This means that only the vehicle owner, or someone with access to the original set of keys, can start the car. Once a thief realizes that their efforts aren’t going to work, they should move on to a different car. 

Viper System

Viper is a company that specializes in vehicle security. They have a variety of products that can help deter theft. Some examples include remote start using your smart phone, protection against code hackers, six tone siren alarm, status indicator light and starter kill. If you’re looking for a single product that can deliver multiple layers of protection, this is one brand to consider. 

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