May 23, 2019

Why Can All Locks Be Picked?

You believe it or not, any lock today can be opened by an authorized or not so authorized person who possess the skill to do so. This would simply mean that regardless of the quality of the lock you pick up for your house, the lock is prone to damages by any unknown identity. 

We all look forward to keep the unauthorized entries away from our home and this system has been in practice past many years. The sense of security for one’s home is not new and we all are very well aware about these facts. It was some 7000 years ago that the first locks were introduced to the world by the Egyptians. The best part is, the function of a lock is still the same. 

Why do we need locks? 

We need locks to safeguard our property and belongings from any unauthorized person in the society. Locks are thus, designed to keep these unauthorized people out of your home, keeping your family, property and other belongings safe and secure. On one hand, locks provide us with the right safety but on the other hand, all the locks are designed in such a way that they are to be opened. There is no such lock present in the world which cannot be picked or unlocked. The least would happen is that you would just take more time to unlock a high-end lock. 

There is no guarantee that just because you have picked up a high end and extremely complex locking system for your property, no one can enter your house without your permission. The burglars would any how find their way out. 

Top Atlanta Locksmith is aware about all these scenarios and thus, we always educate our customers about these incidents and tell them to stay alert always. 

Kinds of Locks available in the market

There are plenty of locks available in the market and you can pick up any from padlocks, deadbolts, smart locks and electronic locks. Further, the price range of these locks vary a lot. You can find locks that are quite cheap and reasonable to purchase while there are others, which are quite expensive. Everyday, a new locking technology is being unlocked and there are many advancements witnessed in the locking technology. This is an evidence that people are willing to pay more for the locks because they want their properties to stay safe and secure always. 

No matter how good the lock is, each lock is vulnerable to manipulation. The locksmiths or dealers who boast of providing locks which cannot be picked up are making false claims and you must be aware of such false claims in the market. 

Before purchasing any lock for your property, ensure that you know everything about the features of the lock. You should know if this lock suits your requirements or not. 

Do remember that no lock is perfect and all the locks are vulnerable to some manipulation. All you need to do is to stay alert and well-informed. 

For further information, you can reach out to Top Atlanta Locksmith. 

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