Apr 4, 2019

Why Your Key May Not Turn In Your Ignition

Ignition malfunction could be a frustrating experience to car owners because it could leave them stranded at odd locations where it might be hard to get help. Whether the key gets stuck in the ignition or it doesn’t turn, you will be left with numerous options as you keep wondering what could go wrong.

Before analyzing the factors that could cause this ignition issue, we will suggest a fast fix to this problem.

Turn or jiggle the steering wheel side to side while also attempting to turn the key. Hopefully, it’s going to turn and your car can relieve the lock pressure for it to start so you will drive off and have an amazing ride.

However, if the problem persists, call professionals at Top Atlanta Locksmith. You should also follow the tips in this article to troubleshoot and get the problem fixed.

First off, we will identify the factors that could cause the ignition component and the quickest and way to identify and fix them:

Steering wheel:

Sometimes, the steering wheel gets stuck after you removed your keys from the ignition, if that is the case, jiggle the steering wheel as suggested above.

Gear selector issues:

If your car is designed not to start when the gear is not in park or neutral, therefore, your key wouldn’t turn in the ignition. Check the gear whether it is in the right position and do the needful

Low or dead battery:

Weak or dead batteries might make higher-end vehicles not to start or the key to turn in the ignition. If you’re clear with the above options, then check out your battery because it could be the cause of the problem.

Other ignition issues

Worn out ignition

The components of your ignition may not be of the desired quality, and it might get worn out in the shortest possible time. If you always experience numerous glitches before starting your car, it’s a sign that your ignition might be worn out and the pins inside the cylinder cannot drop correctly to start the car. 

Call Top Atlanta Locksmith professionals to troubleshoot and have the problem fixed to avoid getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Bent key

Check if the key to your car is still straight or bent because of years of usage. If ti is bent, try using the spare key because bent keys could get stuck in the ignition.

You can also call us for car key replacement in case you notice that the key is bent.

A faulty ignition lock cylinder

The problem might be from the ignition lock cylinder. There may be metal debris or objects causing obstruction inside the ignition lock cylinder. Blockages can cause the key not to turn appropriately in severe cases.

The signs listed above could cause your key to stop turning and get you stranded. However, do not worry when you experience such issues with your ignition because the solution is just a call away.

Let our experts come and evaluate the ignition of your car and also identify other security issues. Give us a call today, and you will stop experiencing car ignition issues.

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