Mar 7, 2019

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart Locks

Smart locks offer more convenience with sophisticated access control to homes and businesses. They give you the opportunity to have a truly connected security system that could monitor who enters and leaves your home.

Interestingly, you can remotely lock and unlock your doors as well as give access to trusted friends, family members or maintenance staff with mobile apps.

Though the regular deadbolt can keep your valuables safe and sound, the convenience provided by smart locks is magical and absolutely fantastic. 

If you’d like to upgrade your security system with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Smart Locks, call experts at Top Atlanta Locksmith and get 100% customer satisfaction.

Here are a few comparisons between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart locks to help you make that purchasing decision.

Advantages of the Wi-Fi smart locks

Remote access to your homes security system

With Wi-Fi smart locks, you can have the privilege of locking or unlocking your doors wherever you are. Those that come with video-enabled devices can allow you to monitor what’s going in your home.

Get security alerts

You can configure your Wi-Fi smart locks to give you alerts when someone has access to your home.

Digital access

You can give friends and relative digital access to your home when you are not around. And the Wi-Fi technology, you can equally monitor their activities.

Some of its disadvantages

Power failure or disconnection

If you’re disconnected from the Wi-Fi, you will definitely lose control over the security of your home. Additionally, you could be locked out if the batteries are low or there is a power outage.

Your security could be compromised

Sharing a digital key with some people could compromise your security, so users of the Wi-Fi smart locks have to be careful when using this feature.

Benefits of the Bluetooth smart locks

Automatic access

With your smartphone or a key fob, you can have automatic access to your home once you are close to the door. It is a hands-free technology that removes the stress of wobbling with your locks.

Advanced security

No one gets access to your home when using the Bluetooth enabled locks unless you provide a digital key to a trusted individual.

Installation of the smart locks

Whether it is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth smart lock, they are not difficult to install, but they are renowned to provide maximum security to your home and office location.

However, you need to completely remove the deadbolt before installing the smart locks. Most smart locks come with an interior escutcheon and a touchpad or a keyed cylinder. If you do not have the time for the installation of the smart locks, why not call experts at Top Atlanta Locksmith.

Some recommended Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart locks

As an authority in the home security and locks installation industry, we recommend the following Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled smart locks.

  • Kwikset Kevo – Touch to open Bluetooth Smart lock
  • Schlage Sense – Bluetooth enabled smart lock
  • August Smart lock – comes with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enablement
  • Next, X Yale locks – with Wi-Fi capabilities only
  • Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt lock

Are you still unable to make up your mind on the smart lock to use for the security of your home or office location, call experts at Top Atlanta Locksmith for expert advice and further clarifications.

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