Oct 16, 2018

Winter Locksmith Tips

The durability of all security hardware in your home, including your door locks, is important in order to secure your home. Winter season may bring lots of fun, but the cold snow may not be friendly with your lock. As a homeowner, you must be aware of common problems associated with home locks during the winter season, this will help you prevent such problems. When you are aware of such lock problems in the winter, you will surely take proactive measures that will ensure that you don’t get locked out of your home and even vehicle. Talk to Top Atlanta Locksmith for these essential tips and ideas. 

Be prepared to service your locks before winter. 

When you are not prepared for door lock issues during winter, you may wake up suddenly someday dealing with the issue, when you should be enjoying a good sleep. When moisture, for instance, accumulates inside the keyhole of your lock, due to the heavy rain and snow, your security door locks will become frozen, no matter how sophisticated the locks are. When such weather conditions become so extreme, it will even become more difficult to insert your key into the keyhole of the lock, hence you wouldn’t be able to turn the key inside to open the door. You cannot even ignore the possibility of breaking the key inside the keyhole, in such a desperate situation. You need to calm down in this case and contact Top Atlanta Locksmith for help.

Top Atlanta Locksmith is the one-stop solution to your lockout problems during winter

Aside from the possibility that you may end up breaking your key inside the lock when winter snow and moisture has blocked the keyhole, you and your family may end up being locked out of the home. You may also experience a lockout situation if your car is parked outside under extreme conditions. In this case, you may end up with your car key unable to open the car door lock or the trunk. Perhaps one of the best possible ways to avoid this problem is through lubrication. Lubricating your locks regularly, especially during the winter season can help prevent ice from going through the keyhole. You may want to lubricate your home and car lock system even before winter time, for the best result. 

You should also keep in mind that oil and dust from your hand and key can also accumulate in keyholes over a period of time and when these mix with ice and moisture during winter, will make your lock even more difficult to handle. An experienced professional locksmith does recommend good cleaning of the locks before the winter season. Cleaning can easily warm up the keyhole which in turn can help melt the ice entering through. If you wait until winter to lubricate the keyhole then you have to do it almost every 1-2 days to ensure that the keyhole remains moist to prevent ice from causing key breakages in the lock.

Do not hesitate to contact Top Atlanta Locksmith for help before the beginning of the winter season

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